I need to ask, to seek, to knock…

I read something interesting yesterday:

Ask and you’ll get Seek and you’ll find knock and the door will be open

It comes from the Gospel. At first, when I read that I said: “Really? Wow! It seems so nice!”. If I ask for something, will I immediately get what I’m looking for? Then I realized that my feelings were different. In my heart I received this message like a lie. Something false. Weird situation. So I was puzzled, confuse, unable to keep going… so I went to hang out with a dear friend.

When I was walking I saw a young man who wore a blu T-shirt. I saw him from behind so I was able to read a phrase on his back: «the man who knows what freedom means will find the way to be free». I said: very interesting. This is a nice insight… and I remembered the Gospel and I saw that very often I don’t get what I want because I don’t find the right way to reach what I want.

And why? The answer was: because I don’t know what I’m looking for. For example. All of us seek for love, care, success, happiness, beauty, strength, health. My question is: do I know what does it mean “love”? Maybe I’m full of love but if I don’t know what real love means, never can I feel loved. And so on… what does it mean success, happiness, beauty, strength, health? I really need to know the meaning of the many simple words that fill my life.

But at this point I had in my mind another question. How can I get the meaning of what I’m looking for? Love, for example. How can I get the real meaning of this word? Can I really find alone, by myself, the right way to reach what I want, and, in this case, love? Oh, no! So now I realized that the words I read on the back of that guy were right in a sense and false in another sense. I need to know the meaning of what I’m looking for, but there is no way to get that meaning by myself. I need to receive this meaning. So I need to ask, to seek, to knock.