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Elena Bono: chiudere gli occhi e guardare

«Ma poco a poco ciò che si ignora non fa più male; tutto era così semplice, chiudere gli occhi e guardare» (in “Dalla betulla si effonde”) Sul blog di BombaCarta si è parlato parecchie volte della scrittrice e poetessa Elena Bono, alla quale è stato inoltre dedicato un intero numero di Lettera in Versi. Intervistata […]

Which is the religiousness in Andy Warhol?

Andy Warhol has been defined as “the United States in the moment the United States became the world” (1), that is, just over the first half of the 20th century. How can one not recall his TV sets reproducing his now famous Campbell tomato cans, or the reproductions of popular “icons” such as Coke bottles, […]

Inside the Church of Flannery O’Connor

from Image Update #149 – July 1, 2008 Supremely sensible, no-nonsense, and dismissive of those who want to extract “meaning” from short stories as if they were opening a sack of chicken feed, Flannery O’Connor doesn’t seem to have had much patience with bad literary criticism. Hers is an intimidating intellect. In her letters and […]

Acting Upon One Another. Ignatian Tradition and the Arts

by Kristin Kusanovich As I write this, I hear the muffled, ever-ascending scales of Hans Boepple. He is warming up, as he does every day, with complicated patterns that gradually evolve into Scarlatti or Beethoven, at one of two grand pianos he has in his office above mine. For six years I have fancied that […]


There are two words that struck me today: radiance and joy. I would like to ask you if there is joy and radiance in your life. When did your life become radiant? Radiant means “that have rays”, means that it’s able to reach others and to looks brilliant, shining as light. When does our face […]

I need to ask, to seek, to knock…

I read something interesting yesterday: Ask and you’ll get Seek and you’ll find knock and the door will be open It comes from the Gospel. At first, when I read that I said: “Really? Wow! It seems so nice!”. If I ask for something, will I immediately get what I’m looking for? Then I realized […]

“All He Ever Wanted”

Riceviamo e pubblichiamo un contributo di Harriet Agnes Nnamutebi su Anita SHREVE, All He Ever Wanted, Back Bay Books, 2004. It is 32°C on a mid-May afternoon in Rome. I begin reading a novel and am immediately confronted with a fire blaze in Thrupp Hotel, New Hampshire, in All He Ever Wanted, a novel written […]