There are two words that struck me today: radiance and joy. I would like to ask you if there is joy and radiance in your life. When did your life become radiant? Radiant means “that have rays”, means that it’s able to reach others and to looks brilliant, shining as light. When does our face become radiant?

In my opinion when our face is lighted by someone or something else out of us and lights a light into us that comes out from our deepest self. It’s a meeting of two lights. Our radiant face is an answer to a vocation from outside. It’s very simple to see: we are shining when we met persons we do love or when we see something that it’s able to burn our heart.

I have known in my life some radiant persons who, for some reason, struck me. I guess you have too. Sometimes we are struck by people who look very beautiful. Beauty is something that overwhelms sometimes, breaks through any kind of barriers. And it leaves you without words. But also, sometimes you are struck by something that overwhelms you but also helps you to get into yourself and to see the truth. True love and true friendship are such a things. A real great relationship is something that strikes you and also helps you to grow up.

Always in a good friendship, for example, there is something familiar and something surprising. If you are not able to be surprised means that you will loose something, the real ability to be in touch with people, I mean.

So, be careful my friends. We must expect to be surprised by the Life at any time. Knowledge is not enough. We need something more. How can we approach the heart of all things, the true heart of reality and our true self? We need of a surprising wisdom sometimes hidden even in very familiar things, places, persons….