Scott Matthews – fractured


Fractured arms from pulling you up

Your life weighs a ton

Have you had enough?

What is it you want?

You decide

And I’ll leave you alone

But not on your own

Fractured Heart dented your start

On the plans that you made

But your plans blew away

Now the rocks that hold you

Could be on the rocks that save you

But you’re slipping, there’s no time now

Where’s your fight?

Can you show me how i find a way out?

I’m all out of answers

First you must trust a stranger and luck

And pull yourself up

But enough is enough

So what do you want?

You decide

But you better be quick

Cause I’m losing grip

Now I’m struggling i can’t hold on

Where’s your fight?

Can you help me? I don’t wanna go now

But I’m all out, I’m all out