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A space for literary intelligence

di Albert Tarimo Antipas It was in the evening of 17th March 2007, when the climate was cool, I had a walk to our famous square Monteverde. I carried with me a book: “A che cosa serve la letteratura” by Antonio Spadaro, to which I intended to read a chapter on literary intelligence. Reaching to […]

The real Christmas

“Untitled, 1985” di Keith Haring Il vero Natale si nasconde a me da qualche parte ed è immobile, è sacro, è scuro, è pazzo… Coni Re Magi che vengono dal sottosuolo, una Vergine Marina del ghiaccio e della neve, un Giuseppe degli alberi, Gesù come una stella… Presto sarà l’alba, il rosa si spanderà sui […]

I choose red

I choose red when I buy kitchen tools or a diary so I can find it easily. I see red sometimes when I close my eyes before sleeping and concentrate on the colours behind my eyes. I like red. As you say it has to be DEALT with and does not lie sleeping, waiting to […]


Red. “Coloratus” in Latin means as much “red” as to be “colored”. The same in Spanish with the word “tinto”. It seems the color par excellence therefore is red. Why? Red pigment is found the most often in nature, yet red is not so commonly found in the environment, certainly not like the greens, the […]

What does “color” mean?

What does “color” mean? What is the relationship between color and my life? The answer would appear obvious, to the point of seeming rather banal. Could you consider life without considering color? Can you begin to think about a black-and-white life, or your life in black and white? For even black and white are colors […]

Dwelling in possibility

Each one of us has to be a seed and each one of us, in our way, can bare fruit of every type; projects, friendship, reflections, intuitions, kindness… But to be a seed is not to be viewed so lightly. A fundamental condition is needed. Lets try to understand what that condition is. At times […]